Fawley Power Station – Hotting Up!

The deplanting of the decommissioned Fawley Power Station continues and good to see the cutters from the contractors, Brown & Mason, have found a way to keep warm in the cold conditions!

Vine Time!

It is that time of year to harvest the grapes at Charlie Herring’s vineyard at his walled garden in the New Forest National Park, but not before ensuring the netting keeps the birds out!

Army Cadet Force Training

Always great fun to see young people enjoying themselves, especially when it is outside on such a lovely sunny day.  These Army Cadets were undergoing a series of initiative and problem solving tasks, as part of their ongoing training schedule.

Fawley Power Station

I have recently had the pleasure of photographing the decommissioned Fawley Power Station on the edge of the New Forest and the interior is the most incredible array of 1960’s engineering, which my photographs can only begin to show in terms of scale, intricacy and detail.

Purton Ships’ Graveyard

In the current issue of Landscape magazine is a feature detailing the very unique Purton Ships’ Graveyard on the banks of the River Severn in Gloucestershire.  A variety of redundant ships and barges were deliberately run aground to halt the erosion of the river bank, which have now been absorbed back into the landscape.

Branching Out?

Walking past the Oval yesterday I wondered if the tree is branching-out to use the cycle lane?

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is here, so lovely to see daffodils bursting out.

Palais Royal, Paris, France

A recent visit to the Palais Royal in Paris, where I was not the only person enjoying the Daniel Buren installations!

Nick Dawe